“We called on the Radcliffe Company to measure the performance of our convention sales program and to gauge our use of industry “best practices”. The study was conducted thoroughly and the deliverables provided a detailed course of action leading to the improvement of our sales efficiencies and productivity.  Dave’s knowledge and experience with convention bureaus enabled him to quickly assess our operation and offer corrective solutions.” 

Charles Ahlers, CEO, Anaheim Visitor and Convention Association


"Along with a wealth of practical experience, Dave Radcliffe also possesses the unique ability to quickly comprehend and analyze complex situations. In doing so, he effectively articulates change in a positive manner and presents viable strategies for leading groups to consensus."

Robert Lander, CEO, Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau


“In our combined strategic planning work with destinations around the country, the Radcliffe Company has provided key insights into organizational factors that are often critical in moving a destination forward.  Dave’s deep industry understanding has also been essential in developing proactive marketing strategies and his stature in the industry helps in moving diverse constituent groups forward with common strategic priorities.”

Mitch Nichols, CEO, Nichols Tourism Group


“Dave Radcliffe has been recognized by many as one of the visitor industry’s key players for over 25 years….A no-nonsense leader; he has the unique ability to grasp destination and organizational challenges quickly and can focus organizational attention on critical issues and identify practical solutions that generate results.”

Dave Whitney, President, Hospitality Division, New Media Gateway 


“During our restructure, we were wise enough to contract David Radcliffe and the Radcliffe Company to develop an orientation program for our board of directors and staff that would result in a three to five year vision and strategic plan.  The Radcliffe Company researched our organization, talked with board members and staff and identified the issues that needed resolution in order to develop a strategic plan designed to provide the Sedona Chamber and it’s divisions a competitive advantage in the marketplace as well as tell our story to our constituents locally. 

The results of the program developed and executed by the Radcliffe Company provided much more than we ever anticipated.  We now have a cohesive board of directors with a vision and mission and four strategic committees whose volunteers take on issues never before addressed by this chamber.  The plan outlined during the program included recommendations that resulted in additional funding from the City of Sedona for our organization. ….. There are few if any consulting firms who have the level of experience and expertise in tourism marketing, organizational politics, funding and boards of directors as well as other issues facing non-profit organizations as do the Radcliffe Company.” 

Char Beltran, CEO, Sedona Chamber of Commerce


“Any destination marketing organization looking for a credible expert to help move critical issues forward need not look beyond The Radcliffe Company. Dave Radcliffe is a savvy, skillful professional who understands our business.”

Wayne Chappell, Vice-President Sales and Marketing,
Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Dave Radcliffe introduced us to digital marketing and data management technology that will revolutionize the destination marketing industry. We feel our organization is now prepared to maximize our opportunities in hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics.”

Rick Antonson, CEO, Vancouver B.C. Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Our destination was in need of an experienced industry expert who could help our CVB and major event facilities understand each others’ points of view and establish a process that would yield us greater sales results. We turned to Dave Radcliffe who laid the groundwork for a significantly more meaningful and productive relationship and sales process.”

Deb Archer, CEO, Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Dave’s extensive background in destination management and addressing industry issues provided a framework that helped guide the Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau Board’s discussions.  His knowledge helped guide them through the strategic planning process.  In the end, we had a living, breathing Board strategy that has made them stronger and strengthened the SCVB’s leadership role in the community.  As we have journeyed through these difficult economic times, Dave’s work has provided a solid foundation to keep the SCVB moving in a positive direction.”

Virginia Haley, CEO, Sarasota Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Dave Radcliffe’s body of work and facilitation was the definite solution to a frustrating challenge within our community.  Spokane’s recently expanded convention center’s success was tied directly to a healthy working relationship between the centers management staff and the CVB staff.  We all needed to be on the same page, rowing in the same direction.  Despite repeated attempts to achieve this goal on our own we reached out to the Radcliffe Company for help.  Dave’s insight into our industry (both CVB and Convention Center) was invaluable to our discussions and led to our ultimate success.  The end result was so successful that an industry wide “best practices” white paper was developed from our discussions.  I am happy to say our teams are working very well with one another and successfully booking our new convention center!  I would highly recommend Dave Radcliffe and would welcome anyone to personally call me to discuss our successes.”

Harry Sladich, CEO, Spokane Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau


“Dave Radcliffe is a long-time thought leader in the destination marketing and management industry.  Most recently, we solicited Dave’s services to facilitate and coordinate our DMAI/IAAM “Best Practices in Convention Center Sales and Operations” initiative. Dave is an expert in best practice research and analysis and he is intimately familiar with our industry. This combination enabled him to effectively work with various stakeholder groups and publish a paper outlining several best practices to better the relationship between a community’s destination marketing organization and their convention center management, regardless of the destination’s business model.
To the benefit of the customer –and ultimately the industry—these best practices are now being implemented across the nation.”

Michael Gehrisch, CEO, Destination Marketing Association International


“It was a pleasure working with Dave on two projects; one for a review and re-write of our organizations By-Laws and Policies and one in his role as recruiter/consultant to our CEO search committee. Because of the terrific work he did on our By-Laws and Policy project, I recommended The Radcliffe Company as the firm to assist our Search Committee.  On both projects, I felt that Dave was truly a partner in the process. He was responsive to our needs, our budget and helped us shape the criteria that have enabled us to be a better and stronger organization today.”

Michael Sternberg
Board Member, Fairfax County Convention and Visitors Corporation – Visit Fairfax


“The 2007 Joint Best Practices Study completed by Dave Radcliffe for the Spokane Convention Center and the Spokane Regional CVB, gave us the tools to create a strong team based on mutual respect and trust.  Now motivated by common values, goals and strategies our two organizations have been able to build awareness of our region and thus increase future bookings.  Because of his industry knowledge and experience, Dave’s work with us has been pivotal in our shared success.”

Johnna Boxley, General Manager, Spokane Convention Center


“The work David did facilitating a series of focus groups for NAMM was exemplary.  His depth of knowledge of the overall meetings industry and knowledge of the workings of non-profit associations is amazing.  Combine that with his ability to immediately grasp the issues that are affecting our particular industry and we ended up with some of the most valuable information collected from our members in NAMM’s 108 year history.”

Kevin Johnstone, Director of Trade Shows, NAMM, the International Music Products Assn.


Dave Radcliffe has been the facilitator of the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau Customer Advisory Board since its inception.  He has done a tremendous job of guiding the process to gain meaningful insight on our destination and involving our community along the way.  He has a unique ability to get the most out of everyone at the table.

Bob Lander, President & CEO
Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau


“It is quite refreshing to see a consulting company so committed to providing practical solutions. There is no doubt that The Radcliffe Company is the leader when it comes to knowing the intricacies of destination marketing organizations, and the role they play in the community. This is a company that has earned both our trust and respect. I would recommend The Radcliffe Company to anyone, without hesitation.”

Ruthie Reinert, President and CEO
Washington County Visitors Association