Strategic Partners

TRC has formed several collaborative alliances that aggregate essential talent and resources to address destination challenges in today's tourism marketplace. The essence of sustainable competitive advantage rests in a well thought out strategy based on a factual understanding of the market, proper technical resources and effective organizational structure to implement marketing initiatives. With this in mind, TRC has assembled alliances that combine senior level talent and experience to address today's destination challenges.


Nichols Tourism Group

Mitch Nichols, President of the Nichols Tourism Group (NTG), is an active collaborative partner with The Radcliffe Company in providing destinations with long range strategic planning services. Since 1996, Mitch has been intimately involved in assisting state and county governments in tourism development from Alaska to Florida and has positioned NTG as a national leader in providing strategic planning, product development and research services to the travel and tourism industry. Mr. Nichols' expertise is focused on the study of a destination's underlying economic factors, the impacts of changing market conditions and the resulting implications to product and destination performance.

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Behavioral Research Center

The Behavior Research Center, Inc. is an independent Phoenix-based firm providing marketing and management research and counsel to both public and private sector clients since 1965. The company specializes in research in public opinion, public policy, transportation and consumer behavior, and designs and conducts projects on a local, regional and national scale, as well as throughout the Spanish speaking Americas. The Center has comprehensive facilities and a full range of design, data collection and analysis techniques (drawn from social science and marketing) to meet each client's informational needs. Behavior Research Center enjoys a reputation for excellence in innovative problem solving designs, and accurately predicting consumer behavior. The company is involved in developing policy and consumer research to identify and solve complex marketing problems for a diversified client list. BRC has had extensive experience in the tourism industry and has conducted market research programs for DMO clients throughout the Southwest.

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DRW Marketing

DRW's goal and function as a marketing innovator is to aggregate products, services and technology that advance the mission of global destination marketers and all of their local stakeholders. We provide tools that enhance the efficiency of meeting and event organizers and provide access to bookable destination content for both groups and consumers.

DRW's marketing relationship with Destination Marketing Organizations results in enhanced relevancy, significant revenue enhancement, and costs savings while strengthening the relationship with their members, partners, stakeholders and existing and potential destination customers through a variety of e-commerce solutions and other initiatives.

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