Company Profile

Strategic Planning

Destination Marketing Organizations

  • TRC believes successful organizations thrive on meeting market challenges by capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves through regular and ongoing stakeholder communication.  We specialize in one and  two half day sessions that engage and challenge the Board and other stakeholders to update their vision of the organization in one, three and five year increments. What do we want the DMO to be known as and for in five years? What do we want the DMO to look like in three years? How will it be different than it is today? Answers to these and other questions help drive a customized planning process that allows the Board to achieve consensus on direction, moreover, it cements a roadmap for the future and aligns organizational programming and performance measurement in an open planning environment.

  • TRC conducts a comprehensive environmental scan to insure broad community and industry input. This data gathering practice helps identify key planning issues in advance and permits proper agenda development that addresses all critical concerns associated with the DMO and its role in both marketing and managing the destination in the future.

  • TRC’s creative facilitation and comprehensive, practical understanding of the challenges faced by the senior DMO leadership ensures that at the end of the day, the organization’s governing body and the CEO are in lock step as the DMO proceeds in pursuit of its mission.



  • TRC and its strategic partner, Nichols Tourism Group (NTG) offers comprehensive long range strategic planning services for destinations both large and small. Municipal, countywide and statewide tourism offices and DMO’s as well as government economic development offices have utilized our services to properly plan for the future. Our planning models solicit input from a broad array of stakeholders, investors, and destination leaders to craft inclusive plans that address the full array of strategic issues including needs assessment, destination infrastructure, product development needs, marketing infrastructure, technology, organizational structure and resource deployment strategies.

  • Importantly, the TRC/NTG team takes advantage of several proprietary processes that build consensus among stakeholder groups and industry leaders that bring all interested parties on board and committed to a singular direction. It is important to recognize that no plan is perfect, rather good planning establishes a direction that is refined as market conditions and other environmental factors and influences may dictate.


Organizational Planning and Development

Executive Coaching

  • TRC is an active coach for many seasoned DMO leaders and newly appointed executives as well. Coaching is an art, not a science and should be focused on maximizing business results for the successful executive not the mediocre performer. TRC combines over 35 years as an active practitioner in destination marketing and management and nearly 10 years of hands on experience with destinations striving to identify and maintain competitive advantage. Under the right circumstances, one on one interaction with an objective, experienced third party can provide focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot. More importantly, we believe that coaching develops executives in the context of their current position without removing them from their daily responsibilities.

Board of Directors Training and Development

  • TRC has facilitated Boards of Directors training sessions and strategic planning retreats for nearly 20 DMOs in the past three years. Getting to the heart of the Board’s understanding of their role and responsibilities as stewards, organizational strategists, policy makers and leaders is essential in developing an engaged and effective Board of Directors. Often DMO Board structure has evolved from an inherent need for the “hospitality industry” to maintain control of the destination marketing effort, without proper recognition of the community’s non-industry leadership that generally shares a global view of the importance of economic development and tourisms role therein.

  • TRC works with Board’s to ensure a full understanding of several important functions and roles they serve for the organization as well as those they do not. Maintaining transparent oversight of those fiduciary, policy, and planning elements is the Board’s purview and should be the primary focus of their term. Management, program execution and marketing performance in pursuit of the organizational mission are the responsibility of the senior executive and the staff of the organization. Successful organizations have an engaged Board focused on their own performance while supporting the staff’s initiatives developed to meet organizational performance objectives.

Organizational Performance Assessment

  • TRC has engaged with many DMOs seeking enhanced measurements and metrics defining their performance and relevancy within the local community. Many organizations strive annually to ensure resource deployments are aligned with community priorities and current market realities. Working in tandem with organizational leadership TRC will evaluate competitive position, resources and program deployments to ensure maximum organizational efficiency and performance.

Board Governance and Operating Policy Development

  • TRC works with the DMO governing body and the chief executive to develop transparent operating and fiscal policy insuring proper oversight and sound management practices. Many organizations periodically review policies intended to protect the organization and its Board from the outcomes often associated with attitudes linked to the “way we’ve always done it” mentality. Equally important is governance structure that allows for regular volunteer leadership transition and ethics policies that prevent conflicts of interest and poor Board Room decision making processes.


Best Practices in Convention Center Sales and Operations

The DMO/Convention Center Interface

  • TRC is the market leader in assisting DMOs and the corresponding Convention Center maximize the use of “best practices”. As the author of the IAAM/DMAI “white paper” on best practices in 2007, TRC specializes in evaluating and streamlining practices and procedures that maximize sales and operating functionality in support of the destination customer.

  • DMO’ and Convention Center management teams are partners in a community enterprise, often relying on a similar source of dedicated income and sharing a common vision or goal of greater utilization of the public assembly facilities. Unfortunately, the paid leadership of these entities typically report to different governing bodies and performances are often judged on different indicators and measurements. TRC works cooperatively with both teams to identify inefficiencies and other barriers as well as real and perceived conflicts in the relationship and promotes practices that assist in realigning the sales and operating structure so that both organizations enjoy success.

DMO Internal Sales Functionality

  • TRC is actively assisting DMO assess and recalibrate their convention sales initiatives. We evaluate deployment, overlay competitive position and budget and align target markets all within a “best practices” environment. Central to these assessments is the review of technological resources and the degree to which they support the sales management process. Careful process and systems reviews and sales management policy and procedure can be refined to increase efficiency driving sales productivity.

Professional Facilitation and Customer Advisory Boards and Focus Group Research

  • TRC is an active professional facilitator working with organizations in the destination marketing field as well the professional association community. Creative problem solving techniques that lead groups to consensus is the hallmark of our service and the benchmark of our reputation. TRC engages in planning and facilitation cycles through extensive individual stakeholder input sessions before any formal work session commences. This process ensures “buy-in” from often divergent perspectives and allows groups to “process” institutional challenges from an external perspective.

  • TRC has maintained ongoing engagements in Customer Advisory Board facilitation and CAB Board Meeting management. Engaging current and potential customers in the process of refining destination marketing programs and direct sales approaches requires skilled, probing and insightful facilitation. TRC’s practitioner’s perspective as a facilitator allows DMO management to remain detached as an observer and maximizes value from customer input. Moreover, CAB participation in destination marketing programs and processes cements loyalty and commitment on the part of the customer extending market reach and destination image.

  • TRC is a skilled focus group researcher securing important data necessary to drive fundamental organizational changes. We work with professional associations in assessing membership programs and quantifying member needs. This activity is often a prelude to more comprehensive strategic planning processes that often result in more targeted and valued program and service delivery.